Day 899

Day 899 Record Keeping
Day 871 Fixed Meditation (30 min)
Day 745 Writing (1/30)
Day 285 Rowing (15 min/ 2300 m)
Day 26 Mobility/Stretching 72 (banded distraction hip capsule ext)
Day 123 Pantry Check
Day 121 Food Recording

Early to Rise
Day 54 Bacon & Water
Day 54 Sleep Recording (1:20|2:10|1:40|2:20)
Day 26 Bedtime Curfew 61 (LATE TO BED)

Horrible sleep, very slow wakeup. Lowered several of my habits because of the resulting lack of focus.

I’m noticing that my bedtime curfew is defaulting a few times to my old time. This has happened many times when I’ve tried extending my habits. If I step up, when I default, I’ll default to my old time (or number of sets).  This is particularly interesting in seeing the lay of the land in skill pushing (if this is a clear pattern).

Meanwhile, my mobility routine has hit the 70s after 26 days. Not bad at all. I’m really eager to push this, but I’m still reading quite a bit and watching videos online. 

Day 12, No Alcohol Challenge. Went to this fancy rooftop thing on top of a Gaudi building nearby. The event had free canapés and cava (a Spanish sparkling wine). It was a perfect moment to indulge, with the city spread out in front of me at sunset. But I did not.