Day 900

Day 900 Record Keeping
Weekend Habits
Day 124 Pantry Check
Day 122 Food Recording

Early to Rise
Day 55 Bacon & Water
Day 55 Sleep Recording (1|4:20|12|12:40)
Day 27 Bedtime Curfew 62

Horrible horrible sleep, meh wakeup. Bedtime curfew is not developing as fast as it should. It brings up an interesting question, for certain habits it gets confusing when a habit has been discharged.

This is one of several questions I have with regards to pushing skills. If I’ve got “going to bed at 1 am” a habit when previously it was going to bed at 1:20, when I default I default to the previous time. Is that default a check for the habit at a lower skill, or did I do the habit at all? Or does it even matter?

No Alcohol Challenge, Day 13.

Went out to a place I used to always get beer at, got an alcohol free beer instead. I don’t like doing this too much, I’d prefer water, but it was my cheat day anyway.

Also got hookah last night at a nearby place. It’s very interesting that when I try to NOT do something, a lot of other vices start to rear their ugly heads. A long time ago I called this “crutching” - but this was more of a technique to allow space for self control pressure to release.