Day 1355

Day 1355 Record Keeping
Day 1327 Fixed Meditation (visualizations)
Day 1202 Writing (DID NOT DO)
Day 741 Rowing
(1 hour, walking)
Day 482 Mobility/Stretching (10 min, back smash & hip stretch
Day 132 Social Media (reading for future posts)

Day 72 Meal Prep (DID NOT DO)

XXEarly to Rise
XXDay 510 Sleep Recording  (DID NOT DO)
XXDay 481 Bedtime Curfew (DID NOT DO
XXDay 319 Wakeup Alarm (DID NOT DO)

Ok sleep. Incredibly depleted. Still trying to get back on schedule. Nixing my entire Early to Rise project. I haven't done any of the elements in a while due to the massive amounts of interruptions in the last several months.

Day 1018 & Great Progress Over Multiple Skills

Day 1018 Record Keeping
Day 990 Fixed Meditation (20 min - incredibly good)
Day 864 Writing (3/20 min - incredibly good rewrite and research)
Day 404 Rowing (8x10 kbell swings, finally nailed my form)
Day 145 Mobility/Stretching (back stretches)
Day 242 Pantry Check 
Day 240 Food Recording

Early to Rise
Day 173 Water (Totally forgot!)
Day 173 Sleep Recording  (1|2:50|10:45|11:30)
Day 144 Bedtime Curfew 81 SUPERHABIT

Ok sleep, good wakeup.

Great Progress Over Multiple Skills
My meditation was incredible today. It was smooth, deep, and I’m getting what pragmatic meditation practitioners are talking about with respect to noting the self. 

I finally nailed my kettlebell form - or at least the back issue that I’ve been dealing with. I tend to use my back to pull more than my hips. When I properly hip load it’s a totally different workout. While standing I naturally over extend my lower back, and this problem is exacerbated by swings. As I hip loaded I also concentrated on tilting my hips to neutral by engaging my abs, which prevented over extension. This is really the first time that I’ve ever felt kbell swings as an ab exercise, which I’ve always been puzzled by. Now I know why - Thanks Dr. Kelly Starett! I don’t think I’d even know where to begin to try to fix it if it wasn’t for this guy’s material. I’d be endlessly cycling with swings and back pain.

And writing also went really well, in large part because of James Patterson’s special Master Class. I was able to see the rewrite process as a series of edits, rather mandating perfection from one rewrite. It’s seriously unclenched my writing constipation. I’m recording all of this, not only to send as an example to a fellow writer and friend that I’ve been discussing this technique with, but in order to hone the process.

My bedtime curfew isn’t perfect at all, but I’m ready to call the TinyHabit a superhabit now. It’s a weird one, so I’ll have to see how best to advance it now that I’m used to forcing myself to a bed time.

Over the weekend I’ll have to really ponder what to do next - start a new habit (flossing? making the bed? finance tracking? A general reading habit? Social media marketing?) or advancing skills (waking up and going to bed earlier? Adding another dinner meal to my Sunday Meal Prep? A 14 day mobilization overhaul?).

In any case I’m pretty satisfied with today’s progress.

Day 1017

Day 1017 Record Keeping
Day 989 Fixed Meditation (20 min)
Day 863 Writing (3/20 min - trying pomodoros)
Day 403 Rowing (5x10 kbell swings, for form)
Day 144 Mobility/Stretching (back stretches)
Day 241 Pantry Check (DID NOT DO)
Day 239 Food Recording (DID NOT DO)

Early to Rise
Day 172 Water
Day 172 Sleep Recording  (1|2:30|11|11:30)
Day 143 Bedtime Curfew 81

Good sleep, good wakeup.

Day 1016

Day 1016 Record Keeping
Day 988 Fixed Meditation (20 min)
Day 862 Writing (2/30 min)
Day 402 Rowing (4x10 kbell swings, for form)
Day 143 Mobility/Stretching (back smash)
Day 240 Pantry Check (DID NOT DO)
Day 238 Food Recording (DID NOT DO)

Early to Rise
Day 171 Water
Day 171 Sleep Recording  (12:40|1:30|11)
Day 142 Bedtime Curfew 80

Good sleep, good wakeup. Back has been sore because of my last kbell hiit. I did an internet search on kettlebell form and ran into this link - Learning the Kettlebell Swing From the Ground Up

They focused on one guy who was having back issues - according to the author of the post, if you’ve got this happening to you you are doing it wrong.

After watching the video I’ve determined that I’m bending outwards instead of forwards, and I’m definitely loading onto my lower back instead of using my waist. This soreness (and the cold weather) has messed up my workouts, cause I usually do swings when I’m back home in Texas. This is disappointing because I really have, looking at my body, made quite a great deal of progress that I don’t want to lose while I’m in the states. 

I would like to try Crossfit, but having this back issue really frightens me even more - so I’m going to try to work out my form issues while working on the kinks in my back that bad form has caused before thinking about trying something new.

Day 1015

Day 1015 Record Keeping
Day 987 Fixed Meditation (20 min)
Day 861 Writing (2/30 min)
Day 401 Rowing (DID NOT DO)
Day 142 Mobility/Stretching (back smash)
Day 239 Pantry Check (DID NOT DO)
Day 237 Food Recording (DID NOT DO)

Early to Rise
Day 170 Water
Day 170 Sleep Recording  (12:30|3|11:20|12)
Day 141 Bedtime Curfew 81

Good sleep, good wakeup. Having starting problems for my workout. Partial reason is a sore back from kb swings, partial is not really knowing what order I’ll do things at, not having songs easily loaded, and not having good weather for biking. It’s a lot of excuses, but it’s good to write them out to note them. Food recording and pantry check is pretty similar. But meditation is going fantastic - today I did it in the car. Recording and fixed meditation are getting really solid - it’s interesting it’s in the same order they were begun. It could be that habits, under my new proposed pragmatic model, advanced past superhabits to become more unshakeable through disruption. Or it could be that those are just two easy habits to do. Though to be fair, I never was this solid with meditation before.

Day 1010

Day 1010 Record Keeping
Day 982 Fixed Meditation (10 min)
Day 856 Writing (BREAK)
Day 396 Rowing (DID NOT DO)
Day 137 Mobility/Stretching (DID NOT DO)
Day 234 Pantry Check (DID NOT DO)
Day 232 Food Recording (DID NOT DO)

Early to Rise
Day 165 Water
Day 165 Sleep Recording  (1|3|10|10:30)
Day 136 Bedtime Curfew 77

Good sleep, good wakeup. Taking a well deserved break - probably until monday. Will continue to record, habits will be as I feel them. No writing. Maybe a blog post

Day 1009 & NANOWRIMO 2016 WIN

Day 1009 Record Keeping
Day 981 Fixed Meditation (5 min)
Day 855 Writing (NaNoWriMo Complete - 20,000 words today!!!)
Day 395 Rowing (biked for about 20 minutes)
Day 136 Mobility/Stretching (couch stretch, 1 min each side)
Day 233 Pantry Check (DID NOT DO)
Day 231 Food Recording (DID NOT DO)

Early to Rise
Day 164 Water
Day 164 Sleep Recording  (12:40|2:11|10:10|10:20)
Day 135 Bedtime Curfew 77

Good sleep, good wakeup. 


Nailed NaNoWriMo in a personal record breaking 5 days. Because of various disruptions (all good) I had to and did write half of it today. 20,000 words. I found that a modified Pomodoro really helped a lot, and really just starting the timer even when I wasn’t ready. I have a theory on this - it seems to work really well for me in other habits, like mobilization and meditation - otherwise there’s a sort of paralysis that occurs because of over thinking it. I think I’m so indoctrinated into thinking that any one instance has to be superb, that I’m not getting on a visceral level that consistency more than covers for it. 

I have a bunch of notes on this, and I’ll post a big article on the fear of starting a task - especially one like writing that has so much fear embedded within it. Lydia asked me if I think it’ll transfer to real work - and I think it will to a certain extent - I think my real work involves a combination of this type of first draft writing, editing, and research, and doing them all seamlessly takes a bit of planning. 

That’s all for another day - I intend to spend the rest of today basking in my win!

Day 1008

Day 1008 Record Keeping
Day 980 Fixed Meditation (10 min)
Day 854 Writing (NaNoWriMo)
Day 394 Rowing (DID NOT DO)
Day 135 Mobility/Stretching (DID NOT DO)
Day 232 Pantry Check (DID NOT DO)
Day 230 Food Recording (DID NOT DO)

Early to Rise
Day 163 Water
Day 163 Sleep Recording  (12:20|1|11|11:10)
Day 134 Bedtime Curfew 79

Great sleep, ok wakeup. NaNoWrimo like crazy today. Emotional ups and downs.

Day 1007

Day 1007 Record Keeping
Day 979 Fixed Meditation (10 min)
Day 853 Writing (NaNoWriMo)
Day 393 Rowing (biking, 30 min)
Day 134 Mobility/Stretching (back smash, couch stretch)
Day 231 Pantry Check (DID NOT DO)
Day 229 Food Recording (DID NOT DO)

Early to Rise
Day 162 Water
Day 162 Sleep Recording  (12:40|1:40|9:40|10:20)
Day 133 Bedtime Curfew 76

Great sleep, ok wakeup. Began NaNoWriMo on Saturday, so I’ve been writing like mad. I’m trying to test out what works best when it comes to actually beginning something I don’t want to do. I believe the best method is just starting the timer even if you’re not ready. I’ve been using a modified Pomodoro protocol - 20 min on, 5 minutes off, for 3 rounds, and that’s been working well.

Day 1004 (From yesterday)

Day 1004 Record Keeping
Day 976 Fixed Meditation (20 min)
Day 850 Writing (DID NOT DO)
Day 390 Rowing (elliptical, 20 min)
Day 131 Mobility/Stretching (back stretches/back smash)
Day 228 Pantry Check (DID NOT DO)
Day 226 Food Recording (DID NOT DO)

Early to Rise
Day 159 Water
Day 159 Sleep Recording  (12:30|1:50|8:40)
Day 130 Bedtime Curfew

Ok sleep, ok wakeup. Back got really sore from KB workout. 

Day 1003, Happy Turkey Day!

Day 1003 Record Keeping
Day 975 Fixed Meditation (20 minutes - excellent)
Day 849 Writing (DID NOT DO)
Day 389 Rowing (KB HIIT, 12 min, 15s:30s)
Day 130 Mobility/Stretching (back stretches)
Day 227 Pantry Check (DID NOT DO)
Day 225 Food Recording (DID NOT DO)

Early to Rise
Day 158 Water
Day 158 Sleep Recording  (1|1:40|7:50|8:50)
Day 129 Bedtime Curfew 71

Good sleep, ok wakeup.

Day 1002

Day 1002 Record Keeping
Day 974 Fixed Meditation (20 minutes - excellent)
Day 848 Writing (DID NOT DO - time)
Day 388 Rowing (Walking/40 min)
Day 129 Mobility/Stretching (back stretches/psoas smash)
Day 226 Pantry Check (DID NOT DO)
Day 224 Food Recording (DID NOT DO)

Early to Rise
Day 157 Water 
Day 157 Sleep Recording  (12:20|12:50|6|8)
Day 128 Bedtime Curfew

Ok sleep, ok wakeup. Busy day trying to coordinate with my friends. Beautiful day for a walk on the greenbelts.

Day 1001

Day 1001 Record Keeping
Day 973 Fixed Meditation (20 minutes - excellent)
Day 847 Writing (1 round/30)
Day 387 Rowing (KB HIIT,  8 min, 15s:60, 15s:30, 30s:30)
Day 128 Mobility/Stretching (back stretches)
Day 225 Pantry Check (DID NOT DO)
Day 223 Food Recording (DID NOT DO)
Day 19 Sunday Meal Prep (Moved to today) 78

Early to Rise
Day 156 Water (DID NOT DO)
Day 156 Sleep Recording  (DID NOT DO)
Day 127 Bedtime Curfew 68

Great sleep. Excellent meditation. Changed up my schedule in order to do the majority of my routine before coming downstairs so I’m not distracted by my parents. Tried to change up my HIIT to apply to the kettle bell I have at home - still messing around with something that’s not too easy or not to hard. Did my Sunday Meal Prep today, which is an excellent bump in automaticity. It felt weird not doing it on Sunday but I was utterly busy. Almost did it yesterday, ended up doing it smoothly today, despite having to use zip lock bags and figure out where all the utensils were again.

It’s weird being back. Today I continued to help my mom set up her own habit chart. I’m thinking about having a blank set of docs - the SRHI, an already set up chart, and an implementation intention and mental contrasting worksheet - in order to stream line the process if others are interested.

DAY 1000 !!!!!

Day 1000 Record Keeping
Day 972 Fixed Meditation (DID NOT DO)
Day 846 Writing (1 round/30)
Day 386 Rowing (DID NOT DO)
Day 127 Mobility/Stretching (neck stretch with mom)
Day 224 Pantry Check (DID NOT DO)
Day 222 Food Recording (DID NOT DO)

Early to Rise
Day 155 Water (DID NOT DO)
Day 155 Sleep Recording  (DID NOT DO)
Day 126 Bedtime Curfew 66

Great sleep. Traveled back home to Texas, arrived over the weekend. It’s been a 1,000 days of recording! I’m very proud, and very bitter.

I’ve been trying to get my mom to start recording as a base for a solid meditation habit - yesterday I emphasized creating a solid recording habit, because, oddly enough, just recording your recording makes a huge difference in sticking to any routine. So more than anything, I have to take pride in that - that even if today’s behaviors weren’t all accomplished, despite a lot of travel and a lot of interruptions, I recorded.

But I wanted my 1000th day to be smooth - a perfect day of a perfect set of flowing routines. Today was not that. I had difficulty starting my writing, I didn’t have time to exercise. Pantry check, food recording, water, sleep recording - all of that was thrown out of joint today. And the jet lag has made everything just a hair more difficult to focus on and do.

The day started well enough - traveling this direction naturally has me up early. But I wanted to talk to my mom, so I was less focused. I offered to drive her downtown, which took hours (since it’s Houston), and I hung out at the kitchen table afterwards, inviting a great conversation with my dad - to the detriment of my writing.

I don’t regret those things. And perhaps that’s what I learned the most, through the anger at the inability to force circumstances towards habit completion: That these routines are my tool - to be used, or, like today, to be dropped for greater goals -  like reconnecting with people after a year and a half abroad.

My mom said that being driven was really appreciated; it relaxed her on a day when she needed it. That’s got to count for something.

Day 996

Day 996 Record Keeping
Day 968 Fixed Meditation (DID NOT DO)
Day 842 Writing (STRUGGLED DID NOT DO)
Day 382 Rowing (DID NOT DO)
Day 123 Mobility/Stretching (DID NOT DO)
Day 220 Pantry Check
Day 218 Food Recording

Early to Rise
Day 151 Water
Day 151 Sleep Recording  (1|2:20|11:12:30)
Day 122 Bedtime Curfew 67

Good sleep. Horrendous time executing writing. Because I could not start, all my other ensuing routines failed to start. This has happened before, thinking about methods to get around this.