Day 1355

Day 1355 Record Keeping
Day 1327 Fixed Meditation (visualizations)
Day 1202 Writing (DID NOT DO)
Day 741 Rowing
(1 hour, walking)
Day 482 Mobility/Stretching (10 min, back smash & hip stretch
Day 132 Social Media (reading for future posts)

Day 72 Meal Prep (DID NOT DO)

XXEarly to Rise
XXDay 510 Sleep Recording  (DID NOT DO)
XXDay 481 Bedtime Curfew (DID NOT DO
XXDay 319 Wakeup Alarm (DID NOT DO)

Ok sleep. Incredibly depleted. Still trying to get back on schedule. Nixing my entire Early to Rise project. I haven't done any of the elements in a while due to the massive amounts of interruptions in the last several months.

Day 1350 & Finally Back Home!

Day 1350 Record Keeping
Day 1322 Fixed Meditation (Metta)
Day 1197 Writing (Misc small tasks)
Day 736 Rowing
(50 min, walking)
Day 477 Mobility/Stretching (DID NOT DO
Day 127 Social Media (Misc reading)

Early to Rise
Day 505 Sleep Recording  (DID NOT DO)
Day 476 Bedtime Curfew
Day 314 Wakeup Alarm (DID NOT DO)

Great sleep. 

Finally Back Home!

I haven't been in my apartment for more than 2 weeks since July. This trip, two weeks after Iceland, we hit Chicago, Albuquerque, Kona, Hilo, Honolulu, Kauaii, and Houston. I'm utterly exhausted. I got sick twice, my computer died, and I thought I lost my proposal, which was around 9 months of work (happily I got it back). 

Looking back over my notes I'm surprised at how much I've managed to do in regards to my habits. It's nowhere near perfect - I have huge gaps, but whenever I had time, I was working, meditating, mobilizing, and when I had a set amount of time not traveling I even did my meal prep. This was unthinkable even last year.

Somewhere along the way, I also started to get a better feel for writing. The Pomodoros, the idea of being able to fit in a quick session here and there – and the new format I have to deal with multiple rewrites – have done wonders for me. In addition, the new format for habits I alluded to in a previous post (I'm getting around to a bigger post on it) seems to be helping everything move along.

I have some more travel coming up, but thankfully I'll have a few months before then. I'm not back to my usual regularity, but I'm bouncing back!

Day 1329 & Still Traveling, Scrivener Draft Writing Progress

Day 1329 Record Keeping
Day 1301 Fixed Meditation (10 min)
Day 1176 Writing (2 Pomodoros)
Day 715 Rowing
(walking, swimming)
Day 456 Mobility/Stretching (10 min, plantar & back smash
Day 106 Social Media (1 hour, SRHI = 71)

Early to Rise
Day 484 Sleep Recording  (DID NOT DO)
Day 455 Bedtime Curfew
Day 293 Wakeup Alarm (DID NOT DO)

Great sleep. 


Traveling. Arrived in Honolulu yesterday. It's pretty relaxed, so today I had a chance to do most of my habits and swim in the ocean. The new method I have for arranging multiple edits on Scrivener is really helping my writing. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 11.26.09 AM.png

Basically it's a vertical split screen, with one page that acts as a log. So I'm able to bust out a quick rough draft, then keep the old draft on the right and the one I'm currently writing on the left. Using James Patterson's advice in his Masterclass on quickly going from one draft to the next to keep forward momentum going really helps with this. I'm doing a Rough Draft, Global Edits, Section Edits, Paragraph and Line Edits, and Research Inclusion, plus a log and a scratchpad for writing and rewriting paragraphs over and over again to get the wording right. 

THIS BLOG describes divides it up as Structural, Stylistic, Copyediting, and Proofreading. I'm sure I'll change things up as I do this more, but so far it makes me pretty excited to work and tinker with text, and that's a pretty big change. The log allows me to fold in Pomodoros – which worked so well in the past especially with first drafts – into the greater editing process


Day 1324 - In Hawaii

Day 1324 Record Keeping
Day 1296 Fixed Meditation (dynamic)
Day 1171 Writing (4 Pomodoros)
Day 710 Rowing
(walking, swimming)
Day 451 Mobility/Stretching (10 min, plantar smash
Day 101 Social Media (DID NOT DO)

Early to Rise
Day 479 Sleep Recording  (DID NOT DO)
Day 450 Bedtime Curfew
Day 288 Wakeup Alarm (DID NOT DO)

Great sleep. Traveling, but it's more relaxed. Hoping to be able to get back to the majority of my habits and do a lot of writing.

Day 1321

Day 1321 Record Keeping
Day 1293 Fixed Meditation (10 min)
Day 1168 Writing (2 Pomodoros)
Day 707 Rowing
(45 min, walking)
Day 448 Mobility/Stretching (10 min, calf stretch & back smash
Day 98 Social Media (1 hour, SRHI = 73, extended instance)

Early to Rise
Day 476 Sleep Recording  (DID NOT DO)
Day 447 Bedtime Curfew
Day 285 Wakeup Alarm (DID NOT DO)

Ok sleep.

Day 1318

Day 1318 Record Keeping
Day 1290 Fixed Meditation (20 min)
Day 1165 Writing (4 Pomodoros - extended session)
Day 704 Rowing
(30 min, walking)
Day 445 Mobility/Stretching (10 min, hip stretch & back smash
Day 95 Social Media (20 min, SRHI = 72)

Early to Rise
Day 473 Sleep Recording  (10|11|7|8:30)
Day 444 Bedtime Curfew
Day 282 Wakeup Alarm (DID NOT DO)

Ok sleep.  Resurgence of my cold yesterday had me not doing much.

Day 1316

Day 1316 Record Keeping
Day 1288 Fixed Meditation (DID NOT DO)
Day 1163 Writing (3 Pomodoros - extended session)
Day 702 Rowing
(20 min, walking)
Day 443 Mobility/Stretching (DID NOT DO
Day 93 Social Media (DID NOT DO, SRHI = 72)

Early to Rise
Day 471 Sleep Recording  (111:45|8|9:30)
Day 442 Bedtime Curfew
Day 280 Wakeup Alarm (DID NOT DO)

Bad sleep.  I thought I was over this cold but felt horrible today.

Day 1315

Day 1315 Record Keeping
Day 1287 Fixed Meditation (10 min)
Day 1162 Writing (5 Pomodoros - extended session)
Day 701 Rowing
(30 min, walking)
Day 442 Mobility/Stretching (
10 min, squat and calf stretch)
Day 92 Social Media (10 min, SRHI = 73)

Early to Rise
Day 470 Sleep Recording  (10:30|11|7|8:30)
Day 441 Bedtime Curfew
Day 279 Wakeup Alarm (DID NOT DO)

Great sleep. 

Day 1314 - Back from Travels, Colds, and Fried Computers

Day 1314 Record Keeping
Day 1286 Fixed Meditation (10 min)
Day 1161 Writing (1 Pomodoro, a lot of misc work)
Day 700 Rowing
(30 min, walking)
Day 441 Mobility/Stretching (
10 min, hip stretch & back smash)
Day 91 Social Media (60 min, SRHI = 59)

Day 64 Monday Meal Prep (bought salads for the week)

Early to Rise
Day 469 Sleep Recording  (DID NOT DO)
Day 440 Bedtime Curfew
Day 278 Wakeup Alarm (DID NOT DO)

Good sleep. 

In the last few months I road tripped through Southern France, camped all over Iceland, got a horrible cold that refused to quit, traveled to a conference in Chicago where my computer died, and am now in Albuquerque, where I somehow caught a second cold.  This is quite a huge chunk of time gone from the project, but today I managed to get back into it, and I have a new strategy that I'll be describing shortly.


Day 1267

Day 1267 Record Keeping
Day 1239 Fixed Meditation (10 min)
Day 1114 Writing (DID NOT DO)
Day 653 Rowing
Day 394 Mobility/Stretching (
10 min, achilles and plantar work)
Day 44 Social Media (10 min, SRHI = 75)

Early to Rise
Day 422 Sleep Recording  (2:20|2;50|11:30|12)
Day 393 Bedtime Curfew (DID NOT DO)
Day 231 Wakeup Alarm

Good sleep. Went on a photography adventure into the mountains outside Barcelona with a friend - hence a few missing habits.

Day 1266, Recouped From Travels

Day 1266 Record Keeping
Day 1238 Fixed Meditation (10 min)
Day 1113 Writing (3 Pomodoros)
Day 652 Rowing
(30 min, 4700 m)
Day 393 Mobility/Stretching (
10 min, hip stretch & back smash)
Day 43 Social Media (30 min, SRHI = 74)

Day 57 Monday Meal Prep (DID NOT DO)

Early to Rise
Day 421 Sleep Recording  (4|4:20|11|12)
Day 392 Bedtime Curfew (DID NOT DO)
Day 230 Wakeup Alarm

Good sleep. Back from travels. Analysis and pics to come. Meal prep is dicey in these times after a trip and before an upcoming one (I'm going out of the country yet again next weekend).

Day 1254

Day 1254 Record Keeping
Day 1226 Fixed Meditation (DID NOT DO)
Day 1101 Writing (3 Pomodoros)
Day 640 Rowing
Day 381 Mobility/Stretching (DID NOT DO
Day 31 Social Media (15 min, SRHI = 71)

Early to Rise
Day 409 Sleep Recording  (11:30|12:30|9:30|10:20)
Day 380 Bedtime Curfew (DID NOT DO)
Day 218 Wakeup Alarm

Bad sleep. I ran out of time today, and had to drag myself through the tasks I did do. Southern France is going through heat wave that is particularly taxing for me in terms of focus and energy. I've also been sleeping horribly. I'm beginning, however, to believe that recording is hugely important, because it gives me a grasp of potential patterns of dropped behaviors, how to change that, and it helps me better stick to my routines across time while traveling.

Day 1252 & Southern France Road Trip

Day 1252 Record Keeping
Day 1224 Fixed Meditation (10 min)
Day 1099 Writing (4 Pomodoros)
Day 638 Rowing
(walking, beach, traveling)
Day 379 Mobility/Stretching (10 min, hip & calf stretch, achilles smash
Day 29 Social Media (10 min, SRHI = 68)

Early to Rise
Day 407 Sleep Recording  (11:30|12:30|9:30|10:20)
Day 378 Bedtime Curfew
Day 216 Wakeup Alarm

Ok sleep. Missed several days last week. I intended to max out my habits for the entire week before traveling, but I couldn't finish out the week, which seemed to be due to delayed onset endurance depletion.  Now in Southern France and working. Stopped in Toulouse on Friday to meet a friend, then drove to Narbonne today. I'm interested to see how well my work will last through the trip - I'm sure it'll be easier since I'm traveling with two remote workers.


Day 1246

Day 1246 Record Keeping
Day 1218 Fixed Meditation (20 min)
Day 1093 Writing (2 Pomodoros, hard)
Day 632 Rowing
(HIIT, 14 min, 15s:60s, 2500 m)
Day 373 Mobility/Stretching (15 min, hip stretch & back smash
Day 23 Social Media (20 min, SRHI = 68)

Early to Rise
Day 401 Sleep Recording  (2|2:30|(7:30-9)|1:20|2)
Day 372 Bedtime Curfew
Day 210 Wakeup Alarm

Ok sleep. Horrendous sleep.

Day 1245 & Travel Sandbagging Experiment #2

Day 1245 Record Keeping
Day 1217 Fixed Meditation (20 min)
Day 1092 Writing (4 Pomodoros, hard)
Day 631 Rowing
(40 min, 5700 m)
Day 372 Mobility/Stretching (15 min, hip stretch & back smash
Day 22 Social Media (30 min, SRHI = 71)

Day 54 Monday Meal Prep (DID NOT FULLY DO - 3 meals planned, groceries done)

Early to Rise
Day 400 Sleep Recording  (3|3:15|11:50|1)
Day 371 Bedtime Curfew
Day 209 Wakeup Alarm

Ok sleep. Ran out of time to finish up my full meal prep, but will do so tomorrow. Also, Social Media looks like it may have it full habituation. We'll see in the next week!

Travel Sandbagging Experiment # 2
Last September I attempted an experiment using a technique I've called Sandbagging - artificially loading myself in order to lighten the load abruptly to simulate greater control. An example of this would be doing 3 habits, and when the going gets tough, just quitting two of them. The theory is that the first one will sail freely upwards (like sandbags on a hot air balloon) easily into full habituation.

This experiment involved Travel. In "Experiment on Sandbagging and Travel: Part I and Part II" I upped all my daily minimums for habits during the week before. According to one of my theories, Delayed Endurance Drain (written about in "Delayed Onset Willpower/Endurance Drain") the load of stress on the system manifests itself about a week later with ego-depletion and negative emotions. Do more this week and it's going to feel really rough next week. The theory was that if I stressed myself out through working hard a week before travel, I'd be expecting a hard load during travel, where I'd drop everything to really low minimums. Ideally, this would functionally raise self control levels, allowing me to nail my habits on the go, rather than just opting out of them and picking them up when I get back home.

It worked - though, whether it was because of the technique or because I'm just better at self discipline is anyone's guess. Still, I'm gong to try it again as I have about a week of travel through Southern France starting this Friday. It's not for work, and it's going to be really relaxed since Lydia and I are traveling with another remote worker who needs to put in 8 hours a day. 

For me right now, the Holy Grail of behavioral change lies in adherence to routines despite massive disruptions, like travel. Happily, I do enough travel to test techniques like this out, so we'll see if it works again!

Day 1242

Day 1242 Record Keeping
Day 1214 Fixed Meditation (DID NOT DO, time restraint)
Day 1089 Writing (2 Pomodoros, hard)
Day 628 Rowing
(20 min, 3300 m)
Day 369 Mobility/Stretching (10 min, hip & achilles stretch
Day 19 Social Media (20 min, SRHI = 65)

Early to Rise
Day 397 Sleep Recording  (1|215|12:30|1)
Day 368 Bedtime Curfew
Day 206 Wakeup Alarm

Bad sleep, but for external reasons.

Day 1241

Day 1241 Record Keeping
Day 1213 Fixed Meditation (15 min)
Day 1088 Writing (3 Pomodoros, hard)
Day 627 Rowing
(30 min, 4400 m)
Day 368 Mobility/Stretching (10 min, hip stretch & back smash
Day 18 Social Media (20 min, SRHI = 66)

Early to Rise
Day 396 Sleep Recording  (12:30|1:30|11:30|12)
Day 367 Bedtime Curfew
Day 205 Wakeup Alarm

Good sleep.