Day 898

Day 898 Record Keeping
Day 870 Fixed Meditation (30 min)
Day 744 Writing (1/30, really good)
Day 284 Rowing (30 min/4400 m)
Day 25 Mobility/Stretching 67 (hip opener, lower back pressure wave)
Day 122 Pantry Check
Day 120 Food Recording

Early to Rise
Day 53 Bacon & Water
Day 53 Sleep Recording (1:20|2:30|7|1:30)
Day 25 Bedtime Curfew 65

Horrible sleep, very slow wakeup. Lots of pain from pulled muscle yesterday, had a really bad night’s sleep, intended to cut down everything to minimums, but only ended up doing that for writing! 

Day 11, No Alcohol Challenge. Had a late night with friends yesterday. Met at a brewery, moved to eat, then went to a roof top bar. No drinks - ended up ordering a non-alcoholic beer and had waters the rest of the night.