Day 890

Day 890 Record Keeping
Day 862 Fixed Meditation (45 min)
Day 736 Writing (3/30 min)
Day 276 Rowing (HIIT, 14 min, 15s:60s, 2400 m)
Day 17 Mobility/Stretching 67 (hip opener)
Day 114 Pantry Check
Day 112 Food Recording

Early to Rise
Day 45 Bacon & Water
Day 45 Sleep Recording (1|1:30|12:30|12:45)
Day 17 Bedtime Curfew 58

Bad sleep, late wakeup. Day 3, No Alcohol Challenge. Increased time in meditation, attempted an easy HIIT on rower, first since tweaking my hip flexor and the first using Kelly Starrett’s strict form advice as advocated in his book, Becoming a Supple Leopard. Worked out really well.

I really really want to do another 8 week HIIT course, but A) I might be pushing too many things and B) I have to figure out a method to continue that course through the travel I’ll be doing in the next few months.

I have two goals - to be able to push multiple habits in skill level and intensity AND to be able to push and maintain habits while traveling. I think both are delicate operations but may be do-able.