Day 891

Day 891 Record Keeping
Day 863 Fixed Meditation (30 min)
Day 737 Writing (3/30 min)
Day 277 Rowing (25 min, 3900 m)
Day 18 Mobility/Stretching 66 (hip opener)
Day 115 Pantry Check
Day 113 Food Recording

Early to Rise
Day 46 Bacon & Water
Day 46 Sleep Recording (1|1:30|5:30|6:45)
Day 18 Bedtime Curfew 59

Bad sleep, super early wakeup. Day 4, No Alcohol Challenge. Yesterday’s sparkling water at dinner. It’s funny, there’s actually a big thing here about the particular brand of sparkling water you choose. The old man brand, Vichy is particularly salty. Red and white labels for some reason seem to not be salty (and taste good), which I prefer. I might just turn into a water connoisseur by the time all is said and done.