Day 889 & Day 2 No Alcohol Challenge

Day 889 Record Keeping
Day 861 Fixed Meditation (47 min)
Day 735 Writing (3/30 min)
Day 275 Rowing (20 min/3100 m)
Day 16 Mobility/Stretching 63 (hip opener)
Day 113 Pantry Check
Day 111 Food Recording

Early to Rise
Day 44 Bacon & Water
Day 44 Sleep Recording (12:15|12:30|8:30|10|1:20)
Day 16 Bedtime Curfew 55

Horrible sleep, horrible wakeup. Ended up waking up early after tossing and turning, then went back to sleep. Had almost no willpower, had failure to start on writing. Decided to reverse the order of my main habits - meditation, rowing, stretching, then writing with an easier subject (blogging). Ended up working really well and I did everything.

Day 2 No Alcohol Challenge
Yesterday went to the liquor store. Had an urge to get wine, got chocolate and water instead.