Day 903

Day 903 Record Keeping
Day 875 Fixed Meditation (20 min)
Day 749 Writing (1/30)
Day 289 Rowing (20 min/3200 m)
Day 30 Mobility/Stretching 73 (couch stretch)
Day 127 Pantry Check
Day 125 Food Recording

Early to Rise
Day 58 Bacon & Water
Day 58 Sleep Recording (1|1:50|8/2|2:30)
Day 30 Bedtime Curfew 66 

Ok sleep, horrible wakeup. Did some foam rolling the last few days right before going to bed. Starrett says it’s good because it’s like a massage, it puts your body into sleep mode. Since I finished Deskbound a day or two ago, I understood that the fascial tissue is like a net, and to loosen one part of the net you should work on parts around the direct area of tightness. 

So I foam rolled my hip, my back, and my hamstring. I must’ve had tight hamstrings because I woke up feeling someone had beaten me with a pipe. Which made me feel exhausted so I just passed out again after I woke up early. 

I felt sore the next morning after foam rolling my sides. I think adjusting to this system is going to take some work. I have better spinal organization and I’m becoming more regular with sitting up straight at any given time, but it feels weird - it feels like I’m working muscles I’ve never worked before….which I probably am.

And that’s great - I just think a heads up might be in order for those trying to change. It’s exhausting in weird ways. And it negatively affected my other habits - today I had no will and had to do minimums in multiple habits. Ah well, you live and you learn! At least with this, unlike some other routines, you can feel change occurring.