Day 904

Day 904 Record Keeping
Day 876 Fixed Meditation (DID NOT DO)
Day 750 Writing (DID NOT DO)
Day 290 Rowing (DID NOT DO)
Day 31 Mobility/Stretching 75 (DID NOT DO)
Day 128 Pantry Check
Day 126 Food Recording

Early to Rise
Day 59 Bacon & Water
Day 59 Sleep Recording (1|2:30/5|12:40|1:10)
Day 32 Bedtime Curfew 70 

ABYSMAL sleep, bad wakeup. Incredibly sore from the couch stretch and hamstring smash - that with my HIIT on Monday left me incredibly sore, and I had a lot of problems falling asleep because of it. Totally drained and sore the this morning, I was totally drained, failed to discharge any of my major habits.

What’s interesting is how automatic all my other “Identity Habits” are - did all my small tasks automatically. Worth thinking about.

Lydia had a thought of maybe splitting up tasks or doing them at even lower levels. My thought was maybe switching to microcycling something like writing, which is the really hard task for me to do when I’m depleted. I do need some sort of widget that sweeps in and gives me a protocol to follow when I have a lingering failure to start. Because often the additional tasks aren’t so difficult - working out or meditating - there’s just no cut-off point when I can’t force myself to work on writing.

Day 17, No Alcohol Challenge. Yesterday I had water at a hookah lounge - interesting how predictable other vices become as a matter of course. Very interesting seeing that connection.

Today I met a friend, moved quite a bit and caught up with her in 4 locations - 3 bars and one restaurant. I had non alcoholic beers three times and a water at the restaurant. 

I really didn’t miss alcohol at all. It wasn’t awkward at all as she went through drinks. I do need to stop with the go-to of non alcoholic beer - I think it’s needless calories, but I feel it’s better than the excessively sugar alternatives. I might try juice or tea.