Day 186 and Scaling Meditation

Day 186 Record Keeping 
Day 154 Fixed Meditation 
Day 100 Bodyweight Exercise  (3x8 burpees with 3 knee slappers)
Day 27 Writing = 45
Day 200 Eating = 72
Good sleep, good wakeup. 

Scaling Meditation

Still feeling deeply shaken by reading Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha. It really threw me off mentally. But at the same time I’m beginning to see a glimmer of a path through the problem of scaling meditation. 

I have been thinking about this a lot - is meditation just something that I do or is there a way to improve and push the skill. I think the latter. If so, do I scale it up by simply increasing time? Do I let it flow into dynamic meditation?

I think this book and its associated forum might have some of the answers I’m looking for.