Day 185 and Amazing Meditation Book

Day 185 Record Keeping 
Day 153 Fixed Meditation 
Day 99 Bodyweight Exercise  (3 bridges, 30 sec and 25 seconds 1 leg, 1 arm planks)
Day 26 Writing = 48
Day 199 Eating = 71
Good sleep, good wakeup. Drank too much last night.

Amazing Meditation Book

I’ve been struggling with meditation as a whole. I want to have a non-dogmatic scaleable practice where I know how to progress. I’ve researching a lot of books as to this. As of two days ago I found the book that I was searching for, and I finished it yesterday. It’s called Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha.

It has a very systematic approach to meditation. The author mentions a dislike for the subtext in the West that meditation is a skill that cannot be mastered. And I get this. I don’t want to just sit around concentrating for no reason, and he seems to agree.

I like the book. In terms of this project I feel it’s a really good guide for mastery of the skill.

But it’s ……very difficult. I think there is a lot of merit to the book, but I’m still sifting through what I think of it - it has left me very optimistic, but also very very confused. More on this once I sort it all out in my own head.