Day 140 & Contemplating a New Habit

Day 140 Record Keeping SRHI = 78
Day 108 Fixed Meditation SRHI = 82
Day 54 Burpee SRHI= 73 (1x8)
Day 154 Eating SRHI = 56  
Ok sleep, great wakeup.

Contemplating a New Habit

Three of my habits are at fully formed levels. I’m very surprised that Burpees have come so far so fast, but despite my expectations they have. So it’s time for a new habit. But what should I do?

I’ve thought about adding more to previous habits and monitoring them - adding additional meditations, resurrecting continual meditation, or adding additional bodyweight exercises to my burpees.

I’ve also considered adding a daily writing habit with an added caveat. 750 words was great, but I want to have greater output in my work, so I’d do something like 200 words of publishable material to start off. 

Or I could continue on with my original list and do something like a habit for flexibility - doing something like back bends everyday - or flossing.

I find myself excited about the options - a much better state of being than being resigned to trudge some more. I think this feeling will become greater and greater as the project continues, and I think it’s important to record that change in psychology.

I’m still mulling this over, but in taking all this in I want to step back and really analyze the correct choice for my next habit. Like with my previous ones, I want it to have the maximum impact on my life - a support upon which to build other habits.