Day 141 & Changes to Burpee Habit

Day 141 Record Keeping SRHI = 77
Day 109 Fixed Meditation SRHI = 82
Day 55 Burpee SRHI= 73 (1x2)
Day 155 Eating SRHI = 60  
Great sleep, bleary wakeup.

Changes to Burpee Habit

I had always envisioned my burpee habit to slowly morph into a more robust bodyweight training regiment - something like Convict Conditioning or the 666 program (now moving here) - progressive programs that get you into doing crazy things like full bridges, one armed pullups, etc. I feel that these programs maximize several things that I want in my life - body ability, agility, and self containment. In my job, I travel constantly, and I need a workout for any place. It also lays the groundwork for more interesting skills further down the line - gymnastics, martial arts, breakdancing, and parkour.

In the last week or so I’ve been slowly increasing reps and oddly enough getting to 7 or 8 reps a day - a relatively low number -  got me really sore. And that’s good, but it’s been a lingering soreness, which to me suggests that I need to set up some alternating regiment in order to allow for muscle repair. 

So I’m going to start alternating days. one day of burpees and one day of another exercise. I’m choosing a plank progression and bridges in order to work on my core and flexibility. 

I’ll make the change to the habit tomorrow - from now on it would be more appropriately labeled Bodyweight Training.