Mid Week Status Check: Duolingo and Second Skill Ramp Up

I’m mid-week on my first game - Duolingo.

It’s definitely very addictive, and I find myself wanting to get back to it throughout the day. I’m curious how this feeling will change over the course of the progression.

I think it’s really important to listen to what I naturally feel. There is a point at which you want to force yourself to keep to a schedule. That is great when there’s one finite project, but for a year-long attempt to include a number of skills, that may deplete my willpower quickly.

It’s also good to record these inclinations to see what form of gamification is able to hook me for longer - will specific quirks of one game prove more practical in the long run?

Meanwhile I’m ramping up to my next program - by ramping up I mean just mucking about with the program so I know how to use it before actually commencing.

I believe I will either add a writing program, mental health, or a fitness program next week. More on the specifics later.