Brainstorming and Researching Games

In this post I want to brainstorm a list of games I want to play for this project. There are some things that are must-haves because they include basic skills that everyone should ideally be “playing” - work, eating, working out, finances, mental health. Others are in here because I’d be curious to learn them, but also things that people say they always want to learn at some point - things like music or something as basic as flossing. Unfortunately, several of these don’t have specific problems, so the challenge is to adapt general programs to include these habits.

Language - Duolingo | Memrise (for vocabulary)

Mental Health - Superbetter

Finances - Mint | Bobber (though I’m not sure if Mint is actually gamified and I don’t know if Bobber is active yet)

Physical Health - Gympact | Fitocracy | Nerdfitness

Work/Writing - 750words

Chores - Chorewars

General - HabitRPG | Levelmeup

Learning Coding - CodeAcademy

General Learning - Khan Academy

I’m sure I’ve missed a few, so I’ll update this list as I progress in the project. I’m also surprised I haven’t found programs for reading, music, nutrition, and cooking. There’s gotta be one for reading and nutrition, and I’ve seen some rumors online about a soon-to-be released cooking program.