Power of Habit and the Number of Games

I read the Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg a while ago. One of the  things it discussed was the research going on related to self discipline and will power.

Basically it says that self discipline is one skill that can be worked out like a muscle. So working self discipline in one arena will inevitably help you out in another arena. But, it also acts like one depleteable resource - stretch yourself to thin, and all endeavors collapse.

What does this mean for this project? I have a number of skills I want to explore gamification with, but I don’t want the whole house of cards to collapse on me. So I’m going to be adding skills one at a time slowly.

This week I’m just really focusing Duolingo and I’ll add another skill after a week. I’m curious how slow or fast I can add skills before suffering any sort of strain to the addiction of playing these games.