Day 928

Day 928 Record Keeping
Day 900 Fixed Meditation (20 min on floor, HARD)
Day 774 Writing (2 rounds/35 min, hard editing)
Day 314 Rowing (1 hour/ 8000 m)
Day 55 Mobility/Stretching 79 (Couch stretch, pigeon pose)
Day 152 Pantry Check
Day 150 Food Recording

Early to Rise
Day 83 Bacon & Water
Day 83 Sleep Recording (11:30|1:40|1:20|2)
Day 56 Bedtime Curfew 79

Horrendous sleep, ok wakeup. Incredibly depleted. Breaking points everywhere! Going to attempt to do some more work tomorrow, but we’ll see since I have a bunch of stuff to complete before my trip on Monday.