Day 37 & Verplanken on Hacking the SRHI

Record Keeping SRHI = 62
Fixed Meditation = 21
Dynamic Meditation = 55
Great sleep, bleary wakeup

This Dynamic Meditation thing is continuing to be quite interesting.

Yesterday I emailed Bas Verplanken, a big researcher in habit formation (I believe he helped created the SRHI), asking if any research had been done on “hacking the SRHI” - manipulating individual facets. I wanted to know if this would actually result in faster habit formation.

His response made sense. The SRHI is holistic - something that is simply frequent isn’t necessarily automatic, and one without the other isn’t a habit.

I’m still interested in this because in this dynamic meditation habit, frequency AND automaticity seem to be going hand in hand. I am shocked at how automatic catching negative emotions when I have them throughout the day is becoming.

The only answer will be to try it with another habit, preferably a more normal one. A fixed habit, like flossing.