Day 555

Day 555 Record Keeping (77)
Day 524 Fixed Meditation
Day 470 Bodyweight Exercise (3x8 inverted bent knee rows - 69)
Day 397 Writing (82)
Day 570 Eating (80)
Great sleep, groggy wakeup.
Last night was totally depleted - I don’t know if it was because of my updated workout regiment or because I had a particularly intense session of meditation. Excellent progress in my meditation. Last night I was able to get into first jhana and maintain it for two sessions of 45 minutes while watching tv. I tried it as an experiment on trying to relax. I’ll talk about this separately. Writing continuing to improve in a process oriented way as I jump the rapidly decreasing chasm of fear. Eating, also excellent. Nervous about inverted rows on the chinup bar - it slipped today, thinking about an alternative.