Day 4, Pavel, and Faster Habituation

SRHI = 25

First day where it came naturally in the morning. I think I actually dreamed of recording this right before I got up.

I wonder if constantly recording tasks magnifies habits - I wonder if the very process of recording a habit ingrains all habits more deeply?

I also also thinking what would get a habit ingrained more quickly. Pavel Tsatsouline, a kettlebell guru, talks about ingraining a mechanical movement that you can’t quite do yet, by repeating the practice throughout the entire day to achieve success.

So let’s say you can almost but not quite do a pullup. In on video he advocates thinking of it in terms of neurology rather than muscularity  - by spending the entire day doing the pullup you’re ingraining the ability to do it in your brain to help you do the movement. In some cases, apparently, muscularity isn’t the issue.

In seeking various out of the box methods to apply to habit formation - I wonder if taking a day and doing a run of the habit all day would boost the SRHI - just a random idea.

Because that really is the holy grail - to be able to do certain practices that make a habit ingrain faster.