Day 232 & Travel Nuisance

Day 232 Record Keeping
Day 200 Fixed Meditation 
Day 146 Bodyweight Exercise  (1x8 burpees)
Day 73 Writing = 69
Day 246 Eating = 62
Day 3 Work = 46
Travel Day.
Flight to Dusseldorf, Germany, train to Cologne. Will be in Cologne until Monday.

Travel Nuisance
Last time I traveled I boiled my protocol to 2 things: Keep it simple, and keep it offline. I’m keeping it simple and boiling down the habits to tiny ones. But the offline part is rather a failure, and pointedly so.

I didn’t bring along my notebook with the SRHI, because, once again, I thought I’d have enough time - and I do. The hotel I’m staying at has free Wifi and I don’t have to meet anyone in the mornings. But it’s almost as though the universe is telling me the flaws in this, because my computer died. It’s already been having troubles - my battery is drained and needs replacing. But now my hard drive had some sort of failure and I cannot start my computer.

And normally I would switch to  my smartphone, but the hotel had a limit on the number of devices the free wifi applies to.

So I’m now sharing a computer - and though this works, it’s not ideal and points out why I should stay offline as much as possible in habit formation. Especially since for writing I’ll need to either hand write something and the hotel has one sheet of paper for writing notes on or I’ll need to do it via a google doc.

This also prevented me from working….though oddly enough today my SRHI actually increased.