Self-Discipline in 10 Days - Days 6

So Day 6 switches from this list of looking inside seeing how your weaknesses affect you and starts given active tools. Day 6 is about the “All or Nothing” approach - the idea that you won’t start anything unless you can do it all - I have this problem in spades - I usually have the mentality that doing something partially won’t give me any rewards whatsoever when it’s rarely the case. Even half attempted projects can have a bearing on you and your character, as well as being a learning experience - you still, in effect, learn the points, even if - and some would say especially if - you fail.

Visualization is the tool for this chapter, which isn’t something that shocking, but it’s a tool that I use rarely despite it being so obvious. Visualize yourself doing something in the now, and you’re likely to do it in the future. On one hand it’s a bolstering of the self, but perhaps more practically, it’s systematic desensitivity against fear. I should really try this when I’m finding ways to procrastinate.