Day 1791

Day 1791 Record Keeping
Day 1763 Fixed Meditation (30 min = 10 tantra, 10 selfing, 10 vipassana)
Day 1637 Writing (2, 20 min Pomodoros)
Day 1176 Exercise (DID NOT DO)

Day 917 Mobility/Stretching (15 min, hand mob)
Day 227 Flossing (All teeth)

Ok sleep. Really unfocused last few days. Having problems with writing, specifically the research section. It has been really hard to focus on that, I find it really tedious. Have not been exercising - last week I sprained my hand, hip, and ankle. Surprisingly, Kelly Starrett doesn’t have hand mobilizations in his book.

Day 1788

Day 1788 Record Keeping
Day 1760 Fixed Meditation (40 min = 10 metta, 20 vipassana, 10 gratitude)
Day 1634 Writing (6, 20 min Pomodoros)
Day 1173 Exercise (DID NOT DO)

Day 914 Mobility/Stretching (DID NOT DO)
Day 224 Flossing (All teeth)

Ok sleep. Tired. Ankles super sore, intended to lay off exercise and do extra mobility, forgot to do mobility.

Day 1783

Day 1783 Record Keeping
Day 1755 Fixed Meditation (30 min = 10 metta, 20 vipassana)
Day 1629 Writing (3, 20 min Pomodoros)
Day 1168 Exercise (3x5 55 lb dumbbell clean and push press)

Day 909 Mobility/Stretching (15 min, calf smash and hip stretch)
Day 219 Flossing (All teeth)
Day 133 Tuesday Groceries (recorded after)

Ok sleep. Exhausted the last two days. Really good meditation. Very difficult writing. Very difficult clean and push presses. I think I’m going to switch it up to weighted thrusters. The heavy weights just make me a little nervous - I don’t want to have an accident. Might be a good idea anyway since my progress has stalled a bit. Moving groceries to Tuesday because the store is just less crowded.

Day 1777

Day 1777 Record Keeping
Day 1749 Fixed Meditation (30 min = 10 selfing, 10 vipassana, 10 gratitude)
Day 1623 Writing (4, 20 min Pomodoros)
Day 1162 Exercise (running HIIT, 17 min, 30s:60s)

Day 903 Mobility/Stretching (15 min, calf smash, toe reanimator)
Day 213 Flossing (All teeth)

Ok sleep.

Day 1776

Day 1776 Record Keeping
Day 1748 Fixed Meditation (DID NOT DO)
Day 1622 Writing (3, 20 min Pomodoros)
Day 1161 Exercise (45 min = 15 walking, 15 biking, 15 elliptical)

Day 902 Mobility/Stretching (15 min, calf smash, hip stretch)
Day 212 Flossing (All teeth)

Good sleep. Had to meet a friend, so things got interrupted, hence the no meditating. Will have company over the next 4 days so will probably have interruptions then.

Day 1775

Day 1775 Record Keeping
Day 1747 Fixed Meditation (30 min vipassana)
Day 1621 Writing (3, 20 min Pomodoros)
Day 1160 Exercise (1X5, 55 lb dropped to 50, 1x3 50 lb dumbbell clean and press)

Day 901 Mobility/Stretching (15 min, back smash, hip stretch)
Day 211 Flossing (All teeth)

Good sleep. Horrendous lift. I think I’m faulting by not opening my hips, so I watched some videos, attempted to put it into practice, and it just felt horrible. I tried to do a practice with 40 lbs, and even that felt heavy. At 55 I wasn’t getting explosiveness and had to muscle a lot of it. Great meditation though.

Dah 1774 & Rudimentary Ego Depletion Recuperation Test

Day 1774 Record Keeping
Day 1746 Fixed Meditation (40 min = 10 gratitude, 10 selfing, 10 vipassana, 10 metta)
Day 1620 Writing (4, 20 min Pomodoros)
Day 1159 Exercise (running HIIT, 12 min, 30s:60s
Day 900 Mobility/Stretching (15 min, calf and foot work)
Day 210 Flossing (All teeth)
Day 132 Monday groceries

Ok sleep. Got really down and tired today. But did everything. Raised up to next stage of 8 week progressive HIIT. Failed to get to 17 minutes today, mostly because my calf started tightening up. Did calf mobility and got over it.

Rudimentary Ego Depletion Recuperation Test
Today, using a rudimentary scale of 1-10, I measured whether I could rejuvenate my focus. After my routine, I was at 0, or as close to it as I’ve been in a while. I used several methods for a few minutes to see if I could get it up.

3:51 - 3:54 - Looked at cute pics on reddit on r/aww - got back to 4
3:56 - 3:59 - Watched funny SNL videos - got to a 6
4 - 4:03 - Read off a list of accomplishments - got up to an 8
4:05 - 4:07 - Watched an incredibly heartwarming video of a deaf teen learning to communicate for the first time - 8.5
4:07 - 4:08 - Tried to pretend I was batman reading and thinking about willpower depletion - 9

A few things - it seems as though either getting back up to a 4 is easier (and these strategies have diminishing returns) or that cute pics have a greater rejuvenation value than other activities. I’m curious what the effects would be if I did this in a different order. Also, I wonder how many times you can do this.

In any case, it was remarkable. At 0 I could barely think as I lolled in bed. I couldn’t even think about doing anything. In 17 minutes I had a lot of focus and energy, even though I was still physically tired. Ended up going to the store to run errands.

Day 1771

Day 1771 Record Keeping
Day 1743 Fixed Meditation (30 min vipassana)
Day 1617 Writing (5, 20 min Pomodoros)
Day 1156 Exercise (running HIIT, 14 min, 15s:60s
Day 897 Mobility/Stretching (15 min, calf and achilles work)
Day 207 Flossing (All teeth)

Bad sleep. Really really really depleted and exhausted.

Day 1770

Day 1770 Record Keeping
Day 1742 Fixed Meditation (30 min vipassana)
Day 1616 Writing (3, 20 min Pomodoros)
Day 1155 Exercise (3x5 50, 55, 55 lb dumbbell clean and press)

Day 896 Mobility/Stretching (15 min, hip stretch & back, hamstring smash)
Day 206 Flossing (All teeth)

Bad sleep.

Day 1769

Day 1769 Record Keeping
Day 1741 Fixed Meditation (10 min metta, sefling, vipassana)
Day 1615 Writing (9, 20 min Pomodoros)
Day 1154 Exercise (DID NOT DO)

Day 895 Mobility/Stretching (20 min, hip, back, hamstring stretches and smashes)
Day 205 Flossing (All teeth)
Day 131 Monday Groceries (recorded from yesterday)

Bad sleep. Hips incredibly tight and painful.

Day 1767

Day 1767 Record Keeping

Day 1739 Fixed Meditation (30 min = 10 metta, 10 sefling, 10 vipassana. 10 gratitude)
Day 1613 Writing (6, 20 min Pomodoros)
Day 1152 Exercise (running HIIT, 14 min, 15s:60s)

Day 893 Mobility/Stretching (15 min, calf & shin smashes)
Day 203 Flossing (All teeth)

Good sleep. Happy New Year 2019!

Day 1763

Day 1763 Record Keeping
Day 1735 Fixed Meditation (10 min, gratitude, pretty distracted)
Day 1609 Writing (3, 20 min Pomodoros)
Day 1148 Exercise (3x5, 50, 50, 55 lb dumbbell clean and press)

Day 889 Mobility/Stretching (20 min, hip openers)
Day 199 Flossing (All teeth)

Good sleep. Lots of errands yesterday, no time for much of anything.

Day 1760

Day 1760 Record Keeping
Day 1732 Fixed Meditation (10 min, jhana/selfing)
Day 1606 Writing (4, 20 min Pomodoros)
Day 1145 Exercise (45 min, walking)

Day 886 Mobility/Stretching (DID NOT DO)
Day 196 Flossing (All teeth)
Day 130 Monday Groceries

Good sleep. Christmas. Rather distracted due to the holidays.