Day 872

Day 872 Record Keeping
Weekend Habits
Day 96 Pantry Check
Day 94 Food Recording

Early to Rise
Day 27 Bacon & Water 80 SUPERHABIT
Day 27 Sleep Recording 79 (2:30|11:20|12:40) SUPERHABIT

Good sleep, good wakeup. At a week of really high SRHIs for my small “early to rise” habits I’m ready to call both of them superhabits and stop taking the SRHI for them. It is interesting that they both got into the 70s at around 18 days, which is what Lally reported for her simplest habits  - which I believe was also drinking a glass of water in the morning. It is curious that sleep recording is just a tinier bit behind my bacon and water habit. I think it has to do with the slight fuzziness of my implementation intention and how it’s a bit hard to record - recording when I go to sleep and go to bed is on a different day than when I get up - it straddles that awkward period. 

Day 868

Day 868 Record Keeping
Day 840 Fixed Meditation (40 min)
Day 714 Writing (1 round/30 min)
Day 254 Rowing (off)
Day 92 Pantry Check
Day 90 Food Recording

Early to Rise
Day 23 Bacon & Water 80
Day 23 Sleep Recording 79 (2|2:30|1|1:30)

Great sleep, slow wakeup. Still dealing with a lot of pain from the pulled muscle. Seriously thinking of incorporating a separate stretching habit to prevent this.

Day 867

Day 867 Record Keeping
Day 839 Fixed Meditation (walking meditation)
Day 713 Writing (1 round/30 min)
Day 253 Rowing (walking, 30 min, pulled hip muscle)
Day 91 Pantry Check
Day 89 Food Recording

Early to Rise
Day 22 Bacon & Water 80
Day 22 Sleep Recording 80 (3|3:50|7:30|11)

Great sleep, slow wakeup. Yesterday I ended up having a limp in my left hip which tightened painfully and has continued on to today. Walking loosens it up, and though trying to control the pain has given me ample meditation practice, it has really worn me out. Despite the pain, I ended up doing pretty much everything automatically, though at lower doses. It seems as though the initial hip pull has gotten much better, but it has tightened other compensatory muscles. Walking, stretching, and an ice compress seem to be working. Will be taking a week off of rowing. Early to rise habits have gotten very automatic, which I’m very proud of! Will have to strategize what my next habits or skill progressions are!

Day 864

Day 864 Record Keeping
Day 836 Fixed Meditation (Did not do)
Day 710 Writing (Did not do)
Day 250 Rowing (Did not do)
Day 88 Pantry Check
Day 86 Food Recording

Early to Rise
Day 19 Bacon & Water 76
Day 19 Sleep Recording 70 (2:20|7:30|11:30)

Great sleep, slow wakeup. Yesterday thought about taking today off because I’ve had an intense session and several weeks. Today, I’m totally exhausted - so I’m not doing my harder habits, and it feels like a really good idea.

Day 863

Day 863 Record Keeping
Day 835 Fixed Meditation (30 min)
Day 709 Writing (3 rounds of 30 min)
Day 249 Rowing (HIIT, 20 min, 30s:15s, 4100 m) INTENSE and LAST DAY!!
Day 87 Pantry Check
Day 85 Recording

Early to Rise
Day 18 Bacon & Water 77
Day 18 Sleep Recording 73 (2|11|12:45)

Great sleep, ok wakeup. Really depleted, but did everything automatically. Really intense writing session. Followed by my most intense HIIT and the completion of the 8 week progressive HIIT routine from! Which is awesome! I’ve noticed significant progress and body morphing - my legs and arms have gotten noticeably skinnier and more defined.

I don’t know what I’ll be doing next - maybe trying to push it again with the same routine but 3 days a week instead of 2. Or finding another progression. Or maybe shifting to more outdoorsy stuff. I’d also like to add other habits in eating and waking up early since my newest habits are almost superhabits. Perhaps a formalization of my Sunday meal prep, which I’ve been playing around with for the last two Sundays, or an addition of a specific cut off time to go to sleep.

I’m utterly exhausted, but the sky’s the limit today! :)

Day 860 & Barcelona Biking

Day 860 Record Keeping
Day 832 Fixed Meditation (30 min)
Day 706 Writing (3 rounds of 30 min)
Day 246 Rowing (30 min biking, 30 min walking)
Day 84 Pantry Check
Day 82 Recording

Early to Rise
Day 15 Bacon & Water 71
Day 15 Sleep Recording 70 (11:50|12:15|11:30|12:30)

Great sleep, good wakeup. Woke up at 7:30, then fell back asleep. Should have just woke up anyways, but it worked out. 

Barcelona Biking

Since it was such a gorgeous day, I decided to go to the beach and walk and bike instead of sticking to my strict habit of rowing.

The city bike share is really handy. Got my card which allows me to take a bike from one of the bike stands and cycle for 30 minutes.

It’s super handy because I don’t have to worry about having my bike stolen or finding a good place to chain my bike up.

I used to bike a lot when I was younger. It was one of the few things that was my go to for complete relaxation. The last 8 years I really haven’t gotten back into it - the last 2 years it was mostly because I was bouncing through cities and countries that often didn’t have such a bike programs and for some reason I didn’t feel like the short period of time justified purchasing a bike. I had a bike in Korea, but only at the very end of my time there, and it wasn’t the greatest city to bike through.

Since there’s also a great beach nearby with great accessibility, bike lanes, a boardwalk, etc, and it’s summer, the siren song of the outdoors is once again calling to me like it did so long ago. I want to be an outdoors person again - it’s one of the big identity changes I want to make with this project - so it makes sense to change up my long slow cardio days once in a while.

Slavish devotion to routines is very compelling to me because it works, and deviations have often resulted in extreme disruptions to my self improvement. For someone who has struggled for so long to make changes, and is finally doing it because of that devotion, the fear messing it all up is understandable. 

But this project isn’t just about ruthlessly accomplishing skills and changes robotically; it’s also about using productivity to live life more fully.

I think both sides - adaptability to take advantage of opportunities like this and extreme regularity are needed for true success. It will be interesting to see where that balance lies.

Either way I had a fantastic time completing my “rowing” habit today (I’ll have to rename that again!). 

Day 858 & Lydia’s Ideas on Weekend Habits

Day 858 Record Keeping
Weekend Habits
Day 82 Pantry Check
Day 80 Recording

Early to Rise
Day 13 Bacon & Water 71
Day 13 Sleep Recording 69 (2:30|2:30/4|11|11:50)

Horrible sleep, bad wakeup. 

Lydia’s Ideas on Weekend Habits
Lydia has noticed that, without fail, I’m in an off mood every single weekend. I’ll nail my habits during the week, be completely pumped about my progress, but on the weekends I emotionally fall pretty flat on my face with fluctuating moods, light depression, a sense of tension and unease, etc.

Her theory: I’m doing weekend habits that trigger my mind to think I’m on a normal weekday, and then I’m subsequently NOT doing the rest of my habits. That part of the SRHI that says “It feels weird when I DON’T do the habit” is essentially being triggered.

Her suggestion is to come up with a completely different set or order of habits that triggers my mind into getting into the “ahhh, I’m relaxing” mode.

I’ve always had problems with this - it’s a key part of my anxiety issues - my mom and I are the few people I know who get nervous about NOT having something to worry about. So it might just be an inability to relax. But delving into behaviors that relax me are important to get into regardless of the root of the anxiety.

This is a really interesting conundrum because I want my identity habits to be my identity! That means I should be training them every single day.

At the same time, I’ve gone down the option of doing all of my habits every single day. I could see doing a modified habit schedule for the rest of them - a few minutes here and there just to check the boxes. But in the past this has lead to severe fatigue.

It’s something I’ll definitely have to delve into further. I’m also curious what it would be like to track my general emotional state for the day while I’m recording my eating. I tried this way back when with dynamic meditation to great effect, but it was way too detailed to continue. Perhaps a general daily emotional trend would help me pinpoint trends - because it seems as though disruptive emotions are one of the key markers for irregularities in habits.

Day 857

Day 857 Record Keeping
Day 829 Fixed Meditation (30 min)
Day 703 Writing (3 rounds of 30 min)
Day 243 Rowing (30 min, 5700 m)
Day 81 Pantry Check
Day 79 Recording

Early to Rise
Day 12 Bacon & Water 67
Day 12 Sleep Recording 65 (2|2:30/4|11|11:30)

Horrible sleep, surprisingly good wakeup. Had problems going to sleep - tried at 2 am, then again at 4 am. But it didn’t stop me from completing my routine smoothly.

Day 854

Day 854 Record Keeping
Day 826 Fixed Meditation (30 min)
Day 700 Writing (3 rounds of 30 min)
Day 240 Rowing (HIIT, 20 min, 30s:15s, 4100 m )
Day 78 Pantry Check
Day 76 Recording

Early to Rise
Day 9 Bacon & Water 61
Day 9 Sleep Recording 60 (1:15|1:50

Good sleep, good wakeup. Still under the weather, but managed to do my entire routine without flinching, including the most brutal HIIT, 30 seconds on and only 15 minutes off for 20 minutes. AND…it’s DAY 700 of my writing habit!

Day 852

Day 852 Record Keeping
Weekend Habits

Day 76 Pantry Check
Day 74 Recording

Early to Rise
Day 7 Bacon & Water 63
Day 7 Sleep Recording 61 (1:15|1:45|10:15|11:30)

Horrible sleep, bad wakeup.
I feel absolutely horrible today, almost like I have the flu or a bad hangover. I seem to also be having an allergic reaction to something. Who knows, BUT the level of automaticity in my new habits was quite clear in my stumbling state this morning, hence the jump in the SRHI for those habits.