Formalizing Wakeup Walk

Implementation Intention: As soon as I get up I’ll put my clothes on, grab my coffee thermos and notebook, and walk around the block or to the pier. I’ll drink my coffee, and plan my day and do emotional control meditation to positively flip my mood. This meditation will be separate from my formal vipassana/samatha sit.

Tiny Habit and Step Ups: Daily minimum will be once around the block in the sun. Will always attempt emotional meditation, and will include planning, though I think all of it is a Tiny Habit that will not require a step up.

Mental Contrasting:
1) Positive Aspects
The idea of starting my day out on a good note is rather foreign to me - all too often I get up in a pretty bad mood, feeling as though I’m already behind on the day. I think a positive vibe is really important - I usually come back feeling amazing. I think it has many side benefits - potentially better sleep, not feeling like a total shut in, feeling like I’m a part of this city and not a useless habit hamster, and it makes me more likely to get out later in the day rather than feeling scared and wanting to hide. I feel that it energizes me. And it’s something that can replace my failed attempt at getting excited at waking up via my “bacon and water” habit. I also think it will dissuade me from late nights or drinking or eating badly the night before and tie me to a better family of habits. I want to tie myself to great mornings rather than great nights, which will in turn help push me towards a better night time ritual and hopefully better sleep.

2) Obstacles
Rain. I hate going outside in the rain. The first rainy day is not going to be fun. I can counter that by getting a good rain coat in the States when I’m back - I had a great one that was light weight and made me utterly comfortable in bad weather, but I have no idea where it went. I finally got good shoes that are more waterproof - now all I need is more socks. Luckily these are all things easily solved by a few relatively cheap purchases.