Day 99 & Minor Course Corrections

Day 99 Record Keeping SRHI = 68
Day 67 Fixed Meditation SRHI = 71
Day 13 Burpee SRHI= 39 (2x5)
Day 113 Eating SRHI = 49 
Good sleep, good wakeup. 

Couple of course corrections:

First, I’m going to start recording the number of burpees done. This isn’t as a matter of improvement - I’m not going to try to push it each day or anything like that - I’m simply recording what comes naturally, understanding that my daily goal is still simply 2 burpees.

Second, this morning my internet didn’t work. After a lot of searching I found a copy of the SRHI offline and managed to do my recording. Keeping an easily accessible offline copy (or even a pen and paper one off my computer) is necessary for times like this that will inevitably occur. And it’ll be even more important when I do my travel prep, as I won’t be bringing my computer along at all. Even better would be to just simply memorize the damn thing, something I should’ve done already given I’ve taken it so many times.

Why is this important? It’s chinks and weaknesses in the fabric of my day that will (and have) caused habits to slide into oblivion. My burpees are triggered and chained to my record keeping  - and presumably anything else in the future will be chained to my burpees. If for some reason I can’t do a task in the chain, other links are likely to collapse. And these weaknesses are something I have to be constantly aware of as I progress.