Day 965 & Finished Book Proposal

Day 965 Record Keeping
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Day 351 Exercise (walking tour)

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Early to Rise
Day 120 Water
Day 120 Sleep Recording (1|8:30|)

Ok sleep, good wakeup. 


This is a rather huge thing for me, not because it’s a proposal, and furthers my hopes as a writer, but because of how improved behaviors played into its completion. 

I had no idea how to do this. I learned how to do a competitive analysis, how to get statistics, and how to write marketing-type copy - all of which were incredibly difficult for me. I didn’t want to do it, but I kept moving forward, even if it was a slow pace. 

I read multiple books and websites. I took multiple online courses, including an interactive one (I hate those and have a history of not sticking with them). With my Gotham Writer’s Course I finished the first course with homework and necessary class interactions in close to a decade. And I did it while not procrastinating at all - every day, bit by bit, I waded through it, despite incredibly high amounts of anxiety.

I also fought perfectionism - the urge to, at every section, get lost in a labyrinth of research. That was equally as difficult - realizing when I was doing it and forcing myself to move on.

And I continued working through trips, visits from friends, while maintaining and creating other routines. It’s taken me….wow, I suppose since NaNoWriMo - so almost 10 months.  And it all grew from 750 words and in the most recent iteration, a 50 word-a-day habit.