Day 963 & Beyond Superhabits (Through Travel)

Day 963 Record Keeping
Weekend Habits (Travel Mode)

Day 349 Exercise (at least 2 hours walking)

Day 185 Food Recording

Early to Rise
Day 118 Water (DID NOT DO)
Day 118 Sleep Recording (12:10|2:10|6|6:15) 

Ok sleep, good wakeup.
Again, it’s interesting this is something I’m unsure about. I think it’s a good thing - before there hasn’t really been a question of having excess ability to continue habits while traveling. I usually just couldn’t. Now i do, so choosing is difficult.
Today I walked a lot. I ate ok, given my choices. I meditated and I recorded my sleep and eating. I could not do writing because of time, but I do think I could do my mobilization.
But I’m wondering if this can be structured as another level to habits, beyond superhabits. Perhaps after habits become so unthinking, testing them requires pushing them to survive past massive disruption, like travel.