Day 962

Day 962 Record Keeping
Weekend Habits (Travel Mode)

Day 348 Exercise (4.5 hours walking)

Day 184 Food Recording

Early to Rise
Day 117 Water (DID NOT DO)
Day 117 Sleep Recording (12:10|2:10|6|6:15)

Horrible sleep. Started travel stuff - right now visitors arrived in town, but still in Barcelona. I decided I would record Rowing (Now updated to Exercise), food recording, MAYBE water, and sleep recording. Was contemplating continuing my bedtime curfew - though for this last one it doesn’t really matter or count, since when I travel I usually go to bed quite early. It’s not the habit I wish to establish - the habit is more accurately “getting up early when I’m in ‘normal mode’”. And that’s an important distinction.

I am still thinking about beginning flossing while I’m in “travel mode” - will blog on this later in the week.