Day 958

Day 958 Record Keeping
Day 930 Fixed Meditation (DID NOT DO)
Day 804 Writing (7/30 min, HARD)
Day 344 Rowing (DID NOT DO)
Day 85 Mobility/Stretching (DID NOT DO)
Day 182 Pantry Check
Day 180 Food Recording

Early to Rise
Day 113 Water
Day 113 Sleep Recording (1|3:20|5:30|5:50|9|9:20|2|2:20)
Day 84 Bedtime Curfew 73

INCREDIBLY Horrible sleep. Attempted a, of all things, David Avocado Wolfe/ Dr. Oz home remedy on a lark to see if it would work - banana tea (boiled whole for 10 minutes with cinnamon). Consistent sleep is definitely something I will have to tackle soon. Despite my horrible sleep and lack of energy I faced the hardest bout of writing I’ve had to do in a long time. It is to be expected that this also had me run out of time to do my other habits today. But I’m almost done with my proposal, so I should hopefully be back to a more normal, balanced routine.

That being said, I will be having guests and traveling for the next 3 weeks starting on Friday. So I will be trying to up daily minimums this week.