Day 947

Day 947 Record Keeping (hard because of time)
Day 919 Fixed Meditation (10 minutes, really good)
Day 793 Writing (3/30 min, hard)
Day 333 Rowing (HIIT, 20 min, 30s:15s, 3800 m, HARD)
Day 74 Mobility/Stretching (couch stretch)
Day 171 Pantry Check
Day 169 Food Recording (DID NOT DO, for a good reason)

Early to Rise
Day 102 Water
Day 102 Sleep Recording (3|4|12:20|1:20)
Day 75 Bedtime Curfew 74 (DID NOT DO, for a good reason)

Good sleep, good wakeup. Did not go to sleep on time last night because of a fantastic convo with Lydia that lasted late into the night - fine with that. Had a previously scheduled, month in advance reservation, dinner date at one of the top 30 restaurants in the world….did not record my dinner eating, and I’m fine with that!