Day 946

Day 946 Record Keeping
Day 918 Fixed Meditation (10 minutes, really good)
Day 792 Writing (2/30 min, hard)
Day 332 Rowing (walking, 1 hour)
Day 73 Mobility/Stretching (couch stretch)
Day 170 Pantry Check
Day 168 Food Recording

Early to Rise
Day 101 Water
Day 101 Sleep Recording (1|4|12:20|1:40)
Day 74 Bedtime Curfew 74

Good sleep, good wakeup. Thinking about either adding a new “Early to Rise” mini habit or pushing a skill. Eating is surprisingly going fairly well. Will be going on a 3 week trip around Spain and Morocco, so will probably try to do that travel sandbagging protocol that I did for Aruba soon.