Day 941

Day 941 Record Keeping
Day 913 Fixed Meditation (10 min)
Day 787 Writing (2 rounds/30 min) HARD
Day 327 Rowing (30 min/4500 m)
Day 68 Mobility/Stretching 83 (couch stretch) SUPERHABIT
Day 165 Pantry Check
Day 163 Food Recording (DID NOT DO, FROM YESTERDAY)

Early to Rise
Day 96 Bacon & Water
Day 96 Sleep Recording (5:20|6:20|1|1:20)
Day 69 Bedtime Curfew 74 (DID NOT DO)

Great sleep, good wakeup. Utterly ego depleted. 1 week in the 80′s for mobility, I declare it a superhabit and will no longer record it. My “Bacon and Water” habit has only been water for a long time, and will reflect that change from now on. Need to do a post researching intermittent fasting. Still rather unsure on how to progress with my bedtime curfew, as the base minimum will constantly change, and this is reflected by how slow it’s been to form up into a habit.