Day 923

Day 923 Record Keeping
Day 895 Fixed Meditation (30 min)
Day 769 Writing (1234 words/29 min, 2 warmups)
Day 309 Rowing (HIIT, 18.5 min, 30s:30s, 3500 m)
Day 50 Mobility/Stretching 80 (Couch stretch)
Day 147 Pantry Check
Day 145 Food Recording

Early to Rise
Day 78 Bacon & Water
Day 78 Sleep Recording (1|4:30|11:30|11:50)
Day 51 Bedtime Curfew 76

Good sleep, good wakeup. Was planning on taking Labor Day off, just ended up doing anything anyway. I’m fiddling around with the way I do my writing, larger post on that later. Will be upping all daily minimums later in the week to test out a theory on sandbagging, as I will be traveling for a conference next week.