Day 916

Day 916 Record Keeping
Day 888 Fixed Meditation (30 min)
Day 762 Writing (2.5/30 - HARD)
Day 302 Rowing (HIIT, 18.5 min, 30s:30s, 3400 m)
Day 43 Mobility/Stretching 78 (Couch stretch)
Day 140 Pantry Check
Day 138 Food Recording (FORGOT TO DO THIS)

Early to Rise
Day 71 Bacon & Water
Day 71 Sleep Recording (1|1:45/3|11:45|12:40)
Day 44 Bedtime Curfew 79 

Horrible sleep, good wakeup. This is the second time I’ve forgotten to do my food recording. I initially formed the habit with a tea habit - I’d make tea before bed, and do my recording. Gradually I dropped the tea. Apparently this had unintended consequences.

And it makes total sense. I think every time something goes wrong in this project it becomes clearer and clearer the cause-effect connection between objects. This is a good thing.

I initially dropped the habit because if I held off making tea until right before bed I’d have to go to the bathroom - and since my sleep is pretty horrible as it is…

Since I’m generally a pretty lazy person, the thought of restarting the tea habit is …..not what I’d want to do…my initial urge is just to passively make sure I do my food recording. And that’s never ever really worked. So I’ll make my tea tonight. Sigh.

I would like to incorporate more things as a night bookend…and a ritual like making tea might help to stabilize that solid “if” for additional “thens” to be added later.

This is also the first week I’ve started to add upon my Sunday Meal Prep. Making all my lunches is pretty easy now, but I’m starting to add a few slow cooker dinners to that. The idea is to only eat out or order twice a week….but ease into it.