Day 914

Day 914 Record Keeping
Weekend Habits
Day 138 Pantry Check
Day 136 Food Recording (FORGOT TO DO)

Early to Rise
Day 69 Bacon & Water
Day 69 Sleep Recording (1|¾:15|11:30|12:30)
Day 42 Bedtime Curfew 80 

Ok sleep, good wakeup. Forgot to do my food recording last night, rectified that now. Bedtime curfew is getting to be completely automatic. Feels like I’m just spitting in the wind considering that I still get up late, but I think it will pay off eventually. I’ve started opting out of the bacon part of my “bacon and water” habit. I think intermittent fasting might have some benefits in terms of fat loss, and since my eating schedule essentially has me doing that besides the bacon, I might give it a try. Will do a separate post on that.

Day 27, No Alcohol Challenge. Last night went out with friends, people ordered drinks around me, I got tea and a water.