Day 912

Day 912 Record Keeping
Day 884 Fixed Meditation (20 min)
Day 758 Writing (4/30 - REALLY HARD)
Day 298 Rowing (20 min/3200 m)
Day 39 Mobility/Stretching 78 (Couch stretch)
Day 136 Pantry Check
Day 134 Food Recording

Early to Rise
Day 67 Bacon & Water
Day 67 Sleep Recording (1|1:40|11:30|12)
Day 40 Bedtime Curfew 75 

AMAZING sleep, good wakeup. Hard writing interrupted by a long phone call. Lowered dailies for everything else. Going to bed has been particularly automatic lately. Might be time to switch times again. 

Day 25, No Alcohol Challenge. Met friends yesterday. Went to all of my kryptonite places - Mexican, where everyone was drinking margaritas around me. A brewery, where everyone was drinking amazing beers. And my favorite cocktail place where everyone was drinking. Lydia was drinking too, and she at one point accidentally wanted me to taste one of her drinks. Several places did no have non alcoholic beers so I had to inquire after other drinks - had a sparkling water, a lemonade, and a ginger beer with no alcohol.  Passed it all with flying colors!