Day 907

Day 907 Record Keeping
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Day 62 Bacon & Water
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Good sleep, good wakeup. Yesterday was completely interrupted by VISA paperwork - as usual it was quite stressful, but my reward for dealing with it did not involve breaking my No Alcohol Challenge, which I feel is a real danger zone with any negative habit or indulgence. When stress comes knocking, one naturally defaults. Instead I got Mexican and water.


I definitely feel that treats in the form of food are also not a good thing - but one thing at a time! That night I also decided to try making my own virgin mojito…sparkling water, watermelon, and mint. It didn’t quite work out to my tastes, though it was good. May have to modify it next time, but it was a good change of pace.


Today is day 20 of my No Alcohol Challenge. Per my initial formation, it should end tomorrow. But I’m not certain if I’ll do that. I’m thinking about just extending it to a full 30.

Lydia and I discussed how we would continue it on. She brought up the notion of either doing another one month on and one month off, where our “on” weeks it’s acceptable to drink once a week. I really don’t know what’s best, but I strongly feel that folding in challenges into a larger program is key. There are too many people who take a challenge, complete it, and then go back to exactly how they were and don’t push their base behavior line. I don’t want that to happen to me.