Day 9


Great sleep, but felt groggy in the morning

Microcycle Priming

I ran an experiment yesterday where I did a number of tasks - both  normal things I wanted to do and things that I had been procrastinating on. I did all these tasks for a short period of time to figure to figure out how hard it was to move from one task to another. The idea is that ideally regimentation is an additional skill I want to learn - the process of moving smoothly from one task to another with no emotional carryover.

One thing I found is that even with a short amount of time doing the task it felt “sticky” - addictive - I found it hard to tear myself away from the task. I think this is a  good thing that should be explored because addiction is what runs gamification - gamification uses addiction to make skill acquisition…well…addictive.

Something that bears more experimentation.