Day 894

Day 894 Record Keeping
Weekend Habits
Day 118 Pantry Check
Day 116 Food Recording
Day 4 Meal Prep Sunday 48

Early to Rise
Day 49 Bacon & Water
Day 49 Sleep Recording (1|3|3|3:20)
Day 21 Bedtime Curfew 60

Horrible sleep. Despite going out last night with friends, went to bed at the correct time. Went to sleep late. Woke up early but was exhausted, went back to sleep and had a series of the worst emotionally draining dreams possible.

No Alcohol Challenge Day, Day 7, one week down! i had my first non-alcoholic beer at brunch. Went out with friends after a movie, had no problem ordering water while they ordered beers. Deflected the question of why I wasn’t drinking. Before I would have been really anxious about that question, I don’t find I am here. I know people who don’t drink and go out, so it feels more acceptable. Also had my first waist and belly measurements since starting this - lost an inch off of both!


Meal Prep Sunday # 4 went very well today. Efficiency was really good, but automaticity wasn’t, and hasn’t been. I’m curious if a trigger is really needed for this or if a habit that’s once a week doesn’t need to be triggered if I just have to get it done at some point during the day.