Day 893

Day 893 Record Keeping
Weekend Habits
Day 117 Pantry Check
Day 115 Food Recording

Early to Rise
Day 48 Bacon & Water
Day 48 Sleep Recording (4|11:40|12:29)
Day 20 Bedtime Curfew 57

Great sleep. Went to bed for no good reason, just got sucked down a well of random internet searches. A friend called right before my curfew, because of time zones I always feel more obligated to pick up. Another behavior I should consider implementing is a complete shut down of Whatsapp, WeChat, and other phone text apps. I already do this when I actually go to bed because, again, because of time zones, I’d be woken up all night. But I should do this an hour or so before bed. It follows the advice of several bloggers that talk about going to bed an hour or two before you’re going to sleep. The truth is, my sleep ritual isn’t really there, and it might be time to really think about bringing it all together.

EDIT: Forgot to mention Day 6, No Alcohol Challenge. Went out to dinner, ended up having my first non alcoholic mocktail, a ginger mojito. It was really good, good use of ginger to simulate that slight alcohol burn, much like vinegar in shrubs. Gave me ideas on how to make my own when I’m just craving a change of flavor. But it was really insanely sugary, and I started feeling my heart race towards the end of the meal.