Day 888 & 21 Day No Alcohol Challenge

Day 888 Record Keeping
Day 860 Fixed Meditation (30 min)
Day 734 Writing (5/30 min)
Day 274 Rowing (20 min/3200 m)
Day 15 Mobility/Stretching 57 (hip opener)
Day 112 Pantry Check
Day 110 Food Recording

Early to Rise
Day 43 Bacon & Water
Day 43 Sleep Recording (1:30|8|9:15)
Day 15 Bedtime Curfew 52

Good sleep, good wakeup. TECHNICALLY a little late on the bedtime curfew, but I’m letting it slide. AND I’m going to push it a little by going to bed at 1 AM from 1:20. I’m also starting a

21 Day No Alcohol Challenge
Why 21 days? Cause I got friends coming in that time, though I might continue and make it an even 30 - we’ll see how it goes.

Why no alcohol? I first mentioned my interest in not drinking HERE (”Habits of Omission”) and more recently in An Identity Approach to Alcohol Part I and Part II. But this time it’s not really about long term changes - I just think I’m getting fewer gains than I should, and several bloggers talk about it in terms of stubborn belly fat. I’m also curious if it will positively affect my sleep, because several people mention this as well.

In my contemplation about this I’m normally quite binary - Lydia brought up that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing forever - I can quite easily test it out for a short period and see how I feel. 

So I checked out a number of bloggers who talked about doing a 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge. THIS was the main guy that kept coming up, and though I like his many explanations for why he did it, I was disappointed that he was charging around $60 for a program that involved a bunch videos that don’t seem really helpful (based on the titles). And his site’s excessive sales tactics really turned me off. Which is too bad, because I think it could be a very useful program, like NaNoWriMo or the  more advanced Whole Life 30.

So I’ll be doing it my way. 

It’ll be a very simple flash diet - I’ll be taking pics of whenever I could have alcohol but don’t. For 21 Days. This is day 1. No SRHI will be necessary, I’ll just write a short note on how it’s going.

Here are a few links for people who have done it in case you’re interested: