Day 879 & Half Steps, Mobilization, and Slow Cookers

Day 879 Record Keeping
Weekend Habits
Day 103 Pantry Check
Day 101 Food Recording (did not do last night)

Early to Rise
Day 34 Bacon & Water
Day 34 Sleep Recording (12:45|2|10|11:45)
Day 6 Bedtime Curfew 27

Fantastic sleep, fantastic wakeup. Last few days I’ve been off. On Thursday I was running around town dealing with administrative VISA issues. It’s interesting that it’s often the next day that my will gets more depleted, which occurred yesterday. Unfortunately all the biking I did running from one government office to the next caused my hip/back to flair up again.

Half Steps, Mobilization, and Slow Cookers

I am doing my best to get through Becoming a Supple Leopard as fast as possible - I think it’s a genius book, and can’t wait to really get into a regular mobilizing routine. I’m very interested in using the daily 15 minute sessions he advocates to jump into a continual habit - he talks a lot about having proper posture while walking and not sitting for more than 30 minutes at a time because of the level of damage it causes (his other book, Deskbound, is also on my must-read list). It’s an interesting problem that I think no one has talked about - at what point do discrete behavior changes “flip over” to being online all the time. And what’s the most optimal and efficient manner in which to advocate such a change? Everyone slides past this critical step in its particulars.

I also got my pressure cooker/slow cooker today, which I’m really excited about, because it gives me a very clear half step forward after nailing down having pre made lunches. Some healthy eating blogs talk about doing a few slow cooker meals during Meal Prep Sundays, so that when you need a meal you just throw it in the pot in the morning. By the time dinner rolls around your meal is already done!