Day 867

Day 867 Record Keeping
Day 839 Fixed Meditation (walking meditation)
Day 713 Writing (1 round/30 min)
Day 253 Rowing (walking, 30 min, pulled hip muscle)
Day 91 Pantry Check
Day 89 Food Recording

Early to Rise
Day 22 Bacon & Water 80
Day 22 Sleep Recording 80 (3|3:50|7:30|11)

Great sleep, slow wakeup. Yesterday I ended up having a limp in my left hip which tightened painfully and has continued on to today. Walking loosens it up, and though trying to control the pain has given me ample meditation practice, it has really worn me out. Despite the pain, I ended up doing pretty much everything automatically, though at lower doses. It seems as though the initial hip pull has gotten much better, but it has tightened other compensatory muscles. Walking, stretching, and an ice compress seem to be working. Will be taking a week off of rowing. Early to rise habits have gotten very automatic, which I’m very proud of! Will have to strategize what my next habits or skill progressions are!