Day 858 & Lydia’s Ideas on Weekend Habits

Day 858 Record Keeping
Weekend Habits
Day 82 Pantry Check
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Early to Rise
Day 13 Bacon & Water 71
Day 13 Sleep Recording 69 (2:30|2:30/4|11|11:50)

Horrible sleep, bad wakeup. 

Lydia’s Ideas on Weekend Habits
Lydia has noticed that, without fail, I’m in an off mood every single weekend. I’ll nail my habits during the week, be completely pumped about my progress, but on the weekends I emotionally fall pretty flat on my face with fluctuating moods, light depression, a sense of tension and unease, etc.

Her theory: I’m doing weekend habits that trigger my mind to think I’m on a normal weekday, and then I’m subsequently NOT doing the rest of my habits. That part of the SRHI that says “It feels weird when I DON’T do the habit” is essentially being triggered.

Her suggestion is to come up with a completely different set or order of habits that triggers my mind into getting into the “ahhh, I’m relaxing” mode.

I’ve always had problems with this - it’s a key part of my anxiety issues - my mom and I are the few people I know who get nervous about NOT having something to worry about. So it might just be an inability to relax. But delving into behaviors that relax me are important to get into regardless of the root of the anxiety.

This is a really interesting conundrum because I want my identity habits to be my identity! That means I should be training them every single day.

At the same time, I’ve gone down the option of doing all of my habits every single day. I could see doing a modified habit schedule for the rest of them - a few minutes here and there just to check the boxes. But in the past this has lead to severe fatigue.

It’s something I’ll definitely have to delve into further. I’m also curious what it would be like to track my general emotional state for the day while I’m recording my eating. I tried this way back when with dynamic meditation to great effect, but it was way too detailed to continue. Perhaps a general daily emotional trend would help me pinpoint trends - because it seems as though disruptive emotions are one of the key markers for irregularities in habits.