Day 85, Eating Habit

Day 85 Record Keeping SRHI = 69
Day 53 Fixed Meditation SRHI = 72
Day 14 Walking SRHI = 13 (Did not walk yesterday)
Day 100 Eating SRHI = 58
Bad night sleep, good wakeup

Eating Habit

I believe I have mentioned before that I’ve formed, almost by accident, an eating habit. A friend of mine tried cutting out grains and sugar, and had amazing results. He generally does this, occasionally eating things like pizza if he craves it, but to a minimum degree. 

I’ve read about the diet - I believe it would generally follow “Primal” rather than Paleo according to Mark Sisson and his fantastic blog, Mark’s Daily Apple.

When I first started I had a belt that I could barely get to the first hole. Now I’m comfortably wearing the same belt at the 5th hole (there are no more holes, I’m going to have to drill another one in if I’m using that as my progress).

I’ve lost quite a chunk of weight.

The efficacy of the diet itself is irrelevant to this project. My concern is about making it a habit, and this provides an interesting challenge. Part of the reason it’s been so effortless is because I allow myself “cheats” once a week or so. In fact my weight loss increases the day after the cheat.

And this brings up an interesting point - is a daily cheat and loosening of restrictions in any habit make it easier to form? I’ve definitely noticed a certain ease in this habit - up until now it’s almost been effortless, when, in previous diets I’ve gone on, it’s been quite hard. This might be explained away because I’m only now getting into the “danger zone” in my quarter mark theory.

The other problem is that it formed of its own accord, so I do not have data for the first 99 days. I decided that I would start tracking it now simply because I’m hitting that wall - the habit, which was so ingrained, is getting unstable, and I think recording it will help. I wish I had thought to record it from the beginning, but what’re you gonna do?