Day 849

Day 849 Record Keeping
Day 821 Fixed Meditation (30 min)
Day 695 Writing (3 rounds of 30 min) Intense
Day 235 Rowing (HIIT, 18.5 min, 30s:30s, 3700 m)
Day 73 Pantry Check
Day 71 Recording

Early to Rise
Day 4 Bacon & Water 43
Day 4 Sleep Recording 41 (2:30|2:30|9:00|11)

Good sleep, great wakeup.
Faced down a very difficult task filled with fear in my writing today and had an intense HIIT. Meditation was more focused. Great job! Last night was the first night I didn’t make tea while doing my recording. I’m curious about if, after the creation of a ritual that helps make a habit stick, you can just get rid of the ritual if it’s too much of a bother.