Day 847 & A Problem with Triggers in My New Morning Routine

Day 847 Record Keeping
Day 819 Fixed Meditation (30 min)
Day 693 Writing (3 rounds of 30 min)
Day 233 Rowing (HIIT, 18.5 min, 30s:30s, 3700 m)
Day 71 Pantry Check
Day 69 Recording

Early to Rise
Day 2 Bacon & Water 14
Day 2 Sleep Recording 17 (1:30|1:3|7:30|9)

Great sleep, great wakeup.
Bad quality of meditation. 

A Problem with Triggers in My New Morning Routine

Completely forgot to do my pantry check today until after I recorded. I usually either grab my coffee (because Lydia made it on account of getting up earlier than me) and that triggers my food recording, or I make it and that triggers it.

Today Lydia wanted to make it and was using special beans, AND I was doing my new water and bacon habit. Lydia made the coffee after I was already at my desk working, and handed me my coffee. It just didn’t trigger.

Here are a few points:

1) I can’t just mechanically check my superhabits off. I’ve got to actually go through them.

2) A new morning routine means some habits will be affected before it normalizes again (habit consonance) 

3) Waking up early is just as likely to affect small parts of my routine, especially if I’m relying on someone else to, say, already have coffee ready.

4) Syncing with significant others can be really problematic and you have to be careful with it

5) I need to be really careful as to what my triggers are. Today it was a difference in order, but later it might be travel.