Day 840 & More Syncing and Eating Problems

Day 840 Record Keeping
Day 812 Fixed Meditation (30 min)
Day 686 Writing (4 rounds of 30 min)
Day 226 Rowing (30 min/ 5600 min - Personal Record)
Day 64 Pantry Check (81)
Day 62 Recording

good sleep, good wakeup.

More Syncing and Eating Problems

Today I started working and Lydia really wanted to get some food. I don’t constantly want to be a slave to my routine and say no all the time. I also didn’t want to mess up our syncing with eating later in the day. So I said yes. 

I decided I’d go out with her, get something to bring back, do another round of writing but not do a full 4 rounds because today is my HIIT day, and this one is the start of a particularly difficult one (for me). By doing another round, I’m still maintaining my if-then - writing then rowing - albeit with a pause before. It’s in the joints of the day that solidity in habits exist. I’d do that, then eat after rowing, because afterwards I usually shower.

On the way Lydia was excited to watch an episode of a show, and I did that because I wanted to watch something and I wanted to eat my meal hot. Then I ended up doing two more rounds of work for the full complement of 4 because I got too full and I didn’t want to do a HIIT after that.

I was still full, so there was no way I was doing a HIIT. I ended up doing my meditation next after taking a break because all these pauses and changes to my schedule (as well as my full stomach) messed up my rhythm, and it left feeling quite grumpy.  

Talking to Lydia after I got my head screwed on straight was interesting. She pointed out how much improved I was in all of this. Sure my schedule was off. But I ate clean. I did 4 rounds of writing. I did 30 minutes of meditation. I may not have done a HIIT, but I rowed 200 meters further at this time than I’ve ever done. 

I think I can take better care of timing and eating. I should make global changes - perhaps plan eating on Sundays, definitely get up earlier and make sure that my schedule is really hard to break. But there is no question that I’ve improved significantly since starting this project. Today I did everything and more despite messing up my regimentation - and isn’t that the hallmark of really strong habits?